Dirt Bike Helmets

What Are Dirt Bike Helmets?

Well, they are helmets to wear when one is biking off road. What this basically means is that there is more danger of landing on the noggin or / and getting hit by flying rocks on the face! Dirt bikers would do well to go for full face covered lids instead of the open ones – if they value their teeth, that is. Those rocks can really inflate the dentist’s bill. If ol’ George were dirt bikin’ instead of swingin’, the song would go ‘Watch out for those rocks’!

So how does one go about buying one of those?

When buying ‘one of those’, there are a couple of factors to consider:

1. Safety Certification

2. A comfortable fit

3. Vents to cool the skull

4. A comfortable weight

5. An easy to clean design.

It always pays to look for certified safety helmets. Virtually every helmet worth its name has the DOT (Department of Transportation) certification. In Britain, the acceptable standard is BS (and for the record, it is an acronym for British Standard!). Europe has a fancier name: ECE 22.05, and covers over fifty countries.

However, it is worth spending a few extra bucks to get one that is certified also by the Snell Memorial Foundation (there’s a sticker at the rear of the helmet that mentions the standard – one has just to look for it). Now there’s a helmet that’s truly safe.

A good fit is important not only for comfort, but safety as well. If the helmet fits loosely, it will not serve its purpose in case of a crash. Too tight, and the discomfort will be unbearable. Some helmets have the ‘cranial shape’ inside for better fit.

A useful tip to consider is to see that the helmet does not slide back over the head at any time: that would be a loose fit. When pushed to the front, it should slightly wrinkle the brow. The fit should be uniform and no part of the shell should feel tighter on the head than any other. The liner will give a little after a while, so a slightly too tight feel ought to be just right.

Next comes the ventilation. Vents are all important to keep the biking head cool, and one of the best Dirt Biking Helmets, the Klim F4, has forty one! That is definitely not an overkill considering the fact that the head stays totally covered for hours on a dirt biking trip. For chilly mornings or generally cold weather, there must the cold weather lining to limit the air flow.

The weight is another very important factor to consider, again, because the lid stays on the head for a considerable period of time. The ultra light variety made of kevlar or cotton fiber or a combination of the two is well worth the extra price it costs.

It is useful also to have a removable liner so that it can be washed separately. No one loves a helmet that smells like used socks!

Right. Anything else to know about these Dirt Bike Helmets?

Yup. If there is a fixation with graphics, there are a lot of cool designs to choose from. But they come for a price. The really obsessed ones can even get custom paint jobs done. Pricey, again, but there are always bargains everywhere – some of the time!

Also, it is cheaper by almost 25 percent to buy Dirt Bike Helmets online where the best prices are offered and a variety of designs are available. Most important are the online reviews from actual users that can help in making a well informed decision.

It is important to spend as much as one can afford upon this piece of equipment. After all, it guards the part of the body that is the most important for most people! Still, there are at least three price ranges: the low priced ones retail between $80-120, the mid range comes between $120 and 250, and the really high end ones can cost up to 500 bucks. And while they may not be as comfortable or good looking as their high priced partners, low or mid range helmets that have the required safety certifications are just as safe.